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“Y” lanyard with ERGO SHOCK absorber and carabiners.


  • > 1.80m“Y” lanyard with energy absorber, steel screw gate carabiner and 2 automatic steel carabiners.
  • “Y” attachment system with absorber to stay attached to the anchor point when moving from one anchor point to another.
  • ERGO SHOCK energy absorber, dissipates energy in the event of a fall from a height.
  • Total length of 1.80 meters (carabiners included).
  • Steel screw-type carabiner with 15mm opening (to be attached to the harness).
  • Two automatic steel carabiners with 55mm opening (for anchor point).

Employment and Use
anti-fall anchoring system to avoid reaching areas with risk of free fall or anti-fall devices in the event of a fall for activities requiring regular passage from one anchorage point to another (Minimum distance with the floor of 6 meters).

EN354 Hanging elements EN355 Energy absorbers

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