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Product Use
- Clothing designed to protect operators against the accidental contact with small flames, convective and radiant heat (low values) ; to resist at the chemical aggression of products that are not immediately dangerous for the health and safety such as splashes, sprays and mist. They can also be used wherever there may be the need to dissipate a build-up of electrostatic charges.


  • 1. Coveralls with collar; zip fastening with Velcro at top and bottom, protective flap.
  • 2. Sleeves with Elasticated cuffs.
  • 3. Three front pockets with flap and Velcro fastening. 
  • 4. Elasticated waist, reinforced fabric at shoulders and between the legs.
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: from S to 4XL
  • Size Measurement Chart: International size
  • Table Size: Table size
  • Weight: 250 gr/m2
  • Material: MEGATEC 250N
  • Color: Navy blue
  • Fabric Treatment: Proban® flame-retardant and Fluoro-carbon
  • Composition: 75% Cotton, 24% Polyester, 1% Antistatic fiber
  • Type of Protection: 6

EN 340 : Protective clothing - General standards EN 531: Protective clothing for industrial workers exposed to heat (A B1 C1 E1)(with the exception of clothing for fire-fighters) A = Limited flame propagation B = Resistant to convective heat C = Resistant to radiant heat E = Resistant to sparks of molten metal EN 470-1: Protective clothing used during welding and related techniques(e.g. flame cutting)EN 1149-3 and EN 1149-5: Protective clothing –Electrostatic properties EN 13034 type 6: Protective clothing providing limited protection from liquid chemicals

Limitation of use
- The garment is not suitable for use in case of fire (for ex. Firefighters) ;for use in operations that require resistance against the permeation of chemical products at molecular level, or in situations which require a complete barrier against liquids or gassy chemical.

- The garment only protects the part of the body actually covered.

Life Cycle
- The fabric is treated superficially with a Proban flame-retardant and Fluoro-carbon oleo/water-repellent treatment.- Wet and dry washing cycles progressively reduce the effects of this treatment.- To keep the declared performance levels, we suggest restoring the oleo/water-repellent finishing after every cycle only with fluoro-carbon agents.- The Proban finishing maintains the flame retardant feature for 50 maintenance cycles. - Wash separately from other types of garments to avoid the transfer of inflammable fibers - DO NOT wash with softener, do not use natural soap and bleach. *Wrong washing procedures may affect the safety features of the equipment.

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