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EYE WASHER 2388-L124

Pack of five one liter bottles.

For fixed places of work (including wall screws). Total flow of 15 minutes per eye.

sterile saline solution of sodium chloride 0.9% in different dispenser formats, for an emergency eyewash.
Specially designed 1 liter bottle.
• Easy extraction, use and application.
• No mechanical parts.
• Disposable (safety).
• Clear instructions for a quick and easy application.
• Date of direction of use in relief (temporary blindness).
• Eye support ring that facilitates the long washing time.
• Smooth flow through 6 tiny jets (strong jets are not recommended) during 3minutes.
• Expiry date indicating the end of the bottle’s useful life.
• Rounded Base (prevents its removal and placement close to other bottles).

Applications and functions:

in all kinds of situations where eye damage may occur that require an immediate response of eyewash in seconds. Mechanical damage (dust, dirt, etc.), splashes of degreasing agents (benzene), acid splashes, alkaline substances splashes(lye, caustic soda, ammonia, lime, cement...). Chemical plants, laboratories, cleaning and maintenance, etc.

 EN15154-1-2European regulations for showers and eyewash

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