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    Split leather glove with knitted cotton palm and fingers Applications: General Handling. Mechanical risks. Handling tasks with mechanical hazards which call for greater comfort and touch dexterity, such as driving (trucks, crane operators...) assembly work, small pieces, motor industry...


• Driver type glove made of split leather of excellent quality combined with interlock type cotton.
• The split leather provides the glove with excellent resistance to abrasion and cuts, and at the same time provides greater durability and dexterity.
• The cotton provides greater breathability and comfort.
• Enhance your driving experience with our top-quality driving gloves, offering comfort and grip for a smooth ride.
• Experience the luxury and craftsmanship of Dents gloves, renowned for their exceptional quality and style.
• Find high-quality leather gloves conveniently near you, such as our 788-LI Leather Combination Glove, offering superior protection and durability.
• Invest in leather protective gloves for ultimate safety and style, featuring the 788-LI Leather Combination Glove for a perfect blend of protection and comfort.
• Discover the epitome of quality in our 788-LI Leather Combination Glove, crafted with precision and expertise to deliver unmatched durability and sophistication.
• Free of chromium, PCP, Benzedrine and other chemicals, prohibited by law in Germany, thus protecting the health of the user and the environment.


  • Elevate your driving experience with the 788-LI Leather Combination Glove, designed for comfort and optimal grip during your journeys.
  • Experience the legacy of quality and craftsmanship with our 788-LI Leather Combination Glove from Dents, offering timeless style and durability.
  • Discover the 788-LI Leather Combination Glove, available near you for a convenient and stylish solution to your glove needs.
  • The 788-LI Leather Combination Glove provides not only style but also protective features, making it an ideal choice for various activities.
  • Immerse yourself in the luxury of our 788-LI Leather Combination Glove, showcasing premium craftsmanship and top-notch quality in every stitch and detail.

• Manufactured under quality management system ISO:9001-2008.
• Consistent quality of the leather
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